Saturday, 22 October 2011

When the Days are Too Long

As I write this, I'm lying stretched out as much as possible on the bed. It's a bit uncomfortable - because I took the sheets off to wash them this morning and haven't had the energy to put the clean ones on.

Eat, sleep, take pills.
What more does anyone want from me?
Most of the day I've been at my desk, preparing for church tomorrow morning. I've been putting it off all week, because it's been a Bad Week, that is a week made up of Bad Days. (For the technical definition of a Bad Day see my post from 19 October, titled A Bad Day.)

It's Saturday night now, and this morning, I realised that I was running out of time to be prepared for tomorrow. So, no matter how miserable I felt, I had to get the work done.  My poor little air-conditioner and my computer have been working just as hard as I have. At last I'm ready - at least I'm ready in the sense that everything is written, hymn words are ready to go up on the big screen, all of those things.

I'm profoundly un-ready to preach or do anything else, in that my body has decided it is going on strike. My head is aching so much I'm sure it's about to explode. (There'll be worn-out brain matter all over the curtains if I'm not careful - and then who will wash that up?) My back believes it's been carrying several tonnes up a hill all day - not just putting one load of washing into the washing machine then the dryer, and sitting at a desk for the rest of the day (except nap time.) My feet and legs hurt, and are swollen.  And really all I want to do is lie here and complain about how miserable I'm feeling.

The things I don't want to do are get up; make my bed; feed my family; do dishes; have a shower and then crawl back to bed.  I want to by-pass all the intermediary steps and just stay in bed now.

It still seems a bit much that offspring require feeding every day. I guess it was probably in the contract when I signed up to have children, but that was a long time ago, and my brain hurts too much to remember the past week, let alone the past 17 to 20 years.

So here's my to do list for Bad Days. These are the things it's really practical to expect a lupie to manage when things are not going well:

  1. (Breakfast time). Get out of bed.
  2. Swallow pills.
  3. Eat.
  4. Go back to bed.
  5. (Lunch time). Get out of bed.
  6. Swallow pills.
  7. Eat.
  8. Go back to bed.
  9. (Dinner time). Get out of bed.
  10. Swallow pills.
  11. Eat.
  12. Go back to bed.
On Bad Days anything more than this is just too much!

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