Sunday, 2 October 2011

Thoroughly relaxed

I've just had a wonderful weekend away at Noosa. (I didn't do the driving.)

A weekend of quiet, with no work, kids, or responsibilities, is an amazing thing. I slept a lot, but also had a nice walk along the edge of the lake, and had a walk down Hastings Street looking at things far too ridiculously expensive to buy.

I've come back feeling thoroughly relaxed and well-rested.

One of the side-effects of prednisolone is that it causes me to retain fluid.  That's not a big problem, except the inconvenience of having to take fluid tablets occasionally (yes, fluid is eliminated from the body in the obvious way, so it can be inconvenient to take the tablets.) If I don't take the fluid tablets, I tend to get sore swollen feet and a headache.  I forgot to take my fluid tablets with me on the weekend, and a headache was just brewing as I got home. That's under control now. It's a reminder of how aware of my pills I have to be, and that I always have to be prepared for everything.  (When I go on holiday it's like carrying an entire chemist shop with me!)

I had my check-in with the doctor on Friday since I've been out of pain, and able to go back to Curves, the doctor said I won't need to go for hydrotherapy after all. Instead  my prednisolone is staying at the higher dose for a while longer, possibly fairly long-term.

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