Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sharing a family "bug"

It's going to be tough to balance the Energy Budget today.

I didn't sleep well last night - the pain wasn't sore joints this time.  This time it was my armpits! Those glands that telegraph the coming of a nasty bug have been hurting all night and are still painful this morning.

I could have expected this - my daughter's been down with a sore throat since Sunday, and this morning my son has it too. I'm clearly next on the hit list.

Coming down with a bug is never a great experience for anyone. My family all has a tendency towards getting infections, either chest infections or tonsillitis. That's not good. Worse, is a tendency to share every bug any of us picks up.

For me, a bug is a very bad thing to get. Most of the medication for lupus is designed to suppress my immune system. (That's because my immune system is attacking me.) But of course, an immune system is kind of needed to fight off bugs of all kinds.

My immune system is sparked by the bug and gears up (despite the drugs used to slow it down) to fight off the bug - which is what it's meant to do - but it also decides that while it's on the go it will attack everything else. Hence, a bug that might make someone else sick for a week, might cause me a flare that could take several weeks or even months to get under control.

So, with the signs that I'm brewing something, how do I handle today?  The same as any otherwise healthy person who is brewing a cold or flu - rest as much as I can, drink plenty of fluids, keep comfortable, a bit of eucalyptus in hot water to open the airways, and wait until it's all over.

Explanation of The Energy Budget

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