Friday, 28 October 2011

New Love

There's a new love in my life. It's made of rubber and I picked it up for $5 from the chemist a couple of days ago and we've been inseparable ever since. Yes, it's my new hot water bottle.

Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, ankle pain, my new best friend is helping ease all of them!

The physiotherapist gave me exercises on Monday, and told me to use heat for my lower back issues that have been bothering (torturing) me for the past few weeks.

It didn't take long, lying on my hot water bottle, before I realised that this would help my left shoulder that always hurts and my neck as well.

There's something comforting about a good old-fashioned hot water bottle. It's not like fancy lavender-scented wheat heat packs or gel packs or any of the other "new" stuff. This smells like cheap rubber and reminds me of childhood. I'm not saying my childhood was one of those fairytale cute fantasy childhoods. Mine was tough in its own way. But I remember how good a hot water bottle would feel on aches and pains then - and it's a great discovery to find it still works today!

I have a few of the more modern gadgets for aches and pains as well. I use one of those spa mats that go in the bathtub, to make a bathtub act like a spa. And I have a hand-held electric massager which has infra-red heating and vibrating to help ease the bits that hurt.

All of this stuff helps. My bucketload of pills each day helps. Nothing ever completely gets rid of pain. But at the moment, I 'm taking great comfort in a cheap hot-water bottle.

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  1. Sounds nice! I've never actually tried a hot water bottle, may just have to. I like the idea of not being restrained by an electrical cord as I have with my heating pad.


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