Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Bad Day

There's a technical term for days like today. It's called A Bad Day. (Yes, it absolutely must have capitals, and be in bold. That's the nature of A Bad Day. It demands attention.)

I woke up with a headache, so tired I feel like sleeping for a month, and my legs are sore. Actually my legs are burning. Yesterday, my feet were a bit swollen, and I took a fluid tablet which should have sorted that out. Today - this is something new. Everything from about my waist down is screaming - it feels like it's not quite part of me, but it hurts so much!

I took things fairly easy yesterday after my night out on Monday. (OK I took things fairly easy yesterday afternoon - in the morning I went to a meeting at the church, had my blood test and went for my regular skin cancer check. Skin cancer check was clear, by the way.)

As with everything "new" I have a strategy to deal with it. I get out my trusty smart phone, go to the calendar app, find my next doctor's appointment, and add the "new" thing to the list. Sometimes I have a very long list. My GP is quite used to me just pulling out the phone list. (Before the smart phone, the list sometimes took up a whole page of the paper diary/organiser.) It's not just a list of "new" symptoms - it also includes which prescriptions are running low, whether I had questions to ask, things I needed to report back, whether I needed new referrals for specialists, all sorts of odds and ends that could otherwise be forgotten.

And for now, what do I do with my Bad Day? I'm going back to bed and waiting for it to be over. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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