Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Morning

When I was first ordained, my mother made all the predictable jokes about ministers "only working one day a week".  That's far from true. But Sunday is the most important day of the week. It's the day where we take all of the life of the congregation and the world around us and present it before God - and when we receive back from God what we will receive to live our faith in the world for another week.

It's not only the most important part of ministry, it's also my favourite part. (If you're wondering, this picture's from last Christmas. All the bags of lollies on the communion table here are because I used lollies to tell the Christmas story - doesn't everyone?) I love the drama, and the ritual. I love the sermon, taking time out to try to apply what we learn from ancient documents about God's relationship with human beings to our lives today.

In my 30% time working, the congregation only asked me to lead worship on alternate Sundays - instead I usually take only one Sunday off each month. While I have the energy to do that, I want to keep doing it. It's not that I try to take on more than I need to, but that those things I know I do well, and that I love, aren't really that much hard work. There's time, there's intellectual energy and a lot of commitment involved - but strangely this work also gives me energy as well. I can spend hours preparing a worship service and feel less tired.

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