Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nice things to do for someone in pain

I found this lovely link on the net - a site called, which has a list of 12 things you can do to help someone in pain.   It takes a while to read - because it's slides, and you have to click through each slide to read it. (When I say I found it, Friends Against Lupus, put the link on Facebook, and I clicked on their link.),,20489189_1,00.html

It made me think about the nice things people have done for me while I've been in pain. I thought I'd share some of them with you.

  • My kids have zipped up endless dresses, and even at times done up shoes.
  • A friend who just automatically takes the lift instead of the stairs when we're out together.
  • Same friend came around and did my cleaning, and helped me set up my "gardening" - putting my potting bench out in the courtyard, etc.
  • Virtually anyone visiting has got things down from high shelves.
  • Friends who I've been shopping shopping with understand when I say I need to go for a coffee that it's code for "I need to sit down for half an hour and a coffee shop is as good as anything."
  • One of the elders from my church has emailed me to let me know she was concerned and praying for me.
  • I went to a funeral (not one I was leading). The church was already crowded with all the seats taken when I got there - and someone just got me a chair from somewhere.
  • The staff at my local Curves gym have always let me work at my level, never pushing me to do anything more.
  • My congregation members graciously accept me sending them cards or phoning at times when another minister would have visited. They understand that I do care, I just can't do everything I wish I could.
  • Mr Wonderful drives whenever we go anywhere, even when we're in my car.
  • My kids, and occasionally a friend, push shopping trolleys when I go to supermarkets instead of shopping on line.
  • Friends who come to my home for coffee, to save me the effort of actually going out. 
  • So many people have carried stuff for me.

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