Monday, 5 September 2011

Monday Morning

I know I said yesterday that I love Sunday morning, and I really do. And I said that preparing for Sunday worship helps to give me energy, which is true.

There's a downside. I have a serious case of Monday-itis.  Monday morning I'm exhausted.

Preparing for Sunday helps to give me energy - but Sunday morning itself takes everything out of me. That doesn't mean I would want to give it up - the year I didn't work at all was the worst year of my life. If the church couldn't afford to pay me, I'd still want to lead Sunday morning worship for free. If I had to permanently retire - I'd still want to lead worship. It's what I believe I was made to do.

So, it's only a quick check-in today . I have to go and get Mr 17 to school, and then I'm going to sleep for as much of Monday as humanly possible.

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