Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday, Monday

Monday being the day I'm most tired, it seemed like the day to try out the Progressive Muscle Relaxation CD my psychologist gave me.  I've got to say it's good. After I'd finished the relaxation exercise I had a three hour nap.

Her other big suggestion requires a referral from my doctor - who I have my monthly visit with on Friday. That is hydrotherapy (physiotherapy exercises in warm water).

Why see a psychologist?  Lupus, and I suspect a number of other chronic illnesses, has a link with depression. Depression makes lupus worse. Lupus makes depression worse. Either one can start a nasty spiral.  The idea of seeing the psychologist is to help prevent the spiral starting.

Her suggestion about hydrotherapy is because there is a strong link between exercise and mood. (Everything just affects everything else.) On the days I'm in pain, I can't handle the gym. Since warm water helps ease the aches and pains, and support the joints, it's easier to exercise in warm water.  Once I have my referral to a physiotherapist, I can have a set of exercises designed specifically for me. It all sounds good - I'll let you know how it goes.

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