Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Little Things

I looked at my stats for this blog this morning. I've had 989 page views - so I'll get to the 1000 mark today.

I have no idea if, in the world of blogging, that actually is any kind of achievement. But I'm going to let myself get excited about it. When everything hurts, it's great to have little things to be thankful for, to get excited about.

For example, my daughter turns 20 tomorrow. (Oh, I feel sooooo old - but mostly that's aches and pains, to be truthful.) She wanted me to make her a cake with a bird in a cage on it. The weather was far too humid for the icing work I would have done (icing would have just melted everywhere).  My awesome friend who has a knack of finding exactly the right thing for everything (usually at very little cost) went shopping with me - really we were looking for ideas. She found beautiful model birds, very inexpensive.

I've pulled out my cupcake "tree" and put the birds on it. Today, I'm making cupcakes, and before my daughter's party tonight, I will have turned them into butterfly cakes.  She will have a cupcake tree full of birds and butterfly cakes. It's something I can do without a lot of effort, but my daughter will love - she was thrilled when I told her what I was doing. (And I can do extra butterfly cakes, so when other friends come around tomorrow, I can rebuild the cake to share with them as well.)

It's little things that I can do that are so exciting!

When I'm in pain, or tired, it's easy to think only of the stuff I can't do. But there's so many wonderful little things, that I really enjoy, that I can still do. Whether it's typing on the computer, or baking cupcakes, or pottering around my potted "garden" the little things help to make it all worthwhile.

I hope you find some little things to really enjoy in your day today!

Added later: 
The finished birthday cake: Ta Da!

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