Thursday, 15 September 2011

Learning my lessons - again

I know I shouldn't do it - but I went grocery shopping yesterday.

I had my son to push the trolley.

We did a quick run around Aldi to get the stuff that was cheaper there (ie fair trade coffee and chocolate, lactose-free milk, a few other bits and pieces.) Then we went to the greengrocers for fruit and veges. And for me that should have been a whole day out. Instead, we had a break and went to Woolworths for our main grocery shop.

This was fatal (well, not really, I am still alive - but it wasn't good.) I ought to have ordered the groceries online and had them delivered. I know that.

I went for my nap at about 2pm yesterday. I woke up at 6pm to take my pills and go to bed. I got up again about 9am today, and I'm still exhausted, still have aches and pains everywhere - and the groceries are still waiting to be put away. Yesterday's dishes are still waiting to be done as well.

The dog and cat looked at me in horror when I announced I was having coffee and pills before I fed them. But it's that kind of day - the kind where I just have to look after me.

I do have to at least start putting groceries away. And I do have to do the dishes. Apart from that, it's a quiet day. I'm going to do a little bit of writing for work, and a bit of prayer and reflection time, a long soak in a warm bath, and a relaxation exercise CD my psychologist gave me.

If I take it easy today, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. And next time: I'm ordering the groceries on-line!

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