Saturday, 3 September 2011

Giving Thanks for the Gifts I have.

It's been a strangely long day. I woke up about 6am, checked my emails and went back to bed. I woke up again at 10.30am.

My son and I went grocery shopping and I've started to make a cake for Mr Wonderful's daughter - she's having her 10th birthday party tomorrow. If I bake the cake, I can make it gluten and lactose free so I can eat some of it. Apart from that I just love baking, and I especially love to get creative in decorating cakes.

Because she loves ponies, I'm making it to look like a show jumping arena, making jumps out of lollies, and with a little plastic horse and rider in the middle.

Believe it or not, jumps made of toothpicks and red licorice were
later fitted in between the horse and the candles! 

I enjoy doing the creative stuff that requires lots of thinking and planning, but little physical effort. That's why I bake and why I blog. (You may have noticed the joke blog is now being edited by my cat. That's a little more fun and creative than doing it "myself".) It's probably partly what I love about ministry - leading worship takes lots of creativity, lots of careful planning, but not a lot of physical effort.

While I did enjoy my sport (taekwondo) when I did it, my real gifts have always been in writing and arts and crafts. I'm grateful for this now. I've had to give up my sport. What I still have is what I've always been good at and loved. I may be doing a bit less (and that does frustrate me, especially with regard to the work I wish I could do) but I haven't had to give up the things most important in my life. Lupus could have been so much worse.

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