Monday, 29 August 2011

A Better Day

I'm feeling much better today.

I still have the rash on my arms and legs.

Right now, I'm a bit tired and needing the air-conditioner on because I've just changed the sheets on my bed (big effort - glad it doesn't happen every day!) So I'm blogging while I have a rest.

But overall, I feel better. The headache's already settled, and my pain seems back to "normal" levels (normal for me). I'm still a bit down, but not as depressed as I felt over the weekend. My old attitude of "well, this is the situation, it's time to find a way to deal with it" is back.

So why did I seem so suddenly sick over the weekend? Everything went haywire, and did so quickly. I'm still going to have my blood test and talk with my doctor, just in case things are going bad again. But right now, I feel pretty much "normal for me."

I don't know what happened.  I did do a half hour of housework on Friday, straight after my workout at Curves - and maybe I need to separate those two activities with a nap.  It could be as simple as I overdid things.

This is a constant process of learning. Every day my body changes - and I have to be in tune with how much I can do and when, and how to respond when suddenly the amount I can do changes.

So, from the upside after a down weekend - I'm having a great day, and hope you are too.

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