Monday, 1 August 2011


I'm still not in pain, which is quite exciting!

I am still feeling miserable - not from lupus but from a cold or flu bug I've picked up. To be fair, I pretty much volunteered for this one. My daughter's boyfriend has severe tonsillitis, and asked if he could stay here while he was especially sick, so someone could keep an eye on him.  Of course I said "yes". But now, everyone in the family has a bug. Hopefully, none of ours will develop into some horrible infection.

Lots of people have very helpfully told me all sorts of remedies that work for them. I envy them. It would be great to just pick up an over-the-counter cold and flu treatment and get back to everything.

Anyone who's read my entry on the medications I take knows that I have a lot of medicines to take into account if I need to check whether over-the-counter things will interact badly with all of the things I'm supposed to take.

So what do I do? Lots of sleep (when my blocked nose will allow), fluids, steam, vaporub, all the stuff people did before you could just buy cold tablets at the chemist shop. And, just a little more of my prednisolone (steroid) than usual, to try to slow down the inflammation that comes with having a cold.

If it gets worse - especially if it settles down and there's sign of an infection - then it's off to the doctor for antibiotics, probably for longer than most other people would take them. And that comes with the unpleasant side effects of taking antibiotics.(Antibiotics and the bug draw the battle lines and take up the fight - collateral damage happens.)

It's about time to have a cup of mint tea and a lie down.

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