Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Working from home

Having had two years off work, and not liking being totally dependent on disability pensions, I was looking for ideas of what I could do to make a little extra money without much physical effort, just in case the time comes that I have to stop working again.

I have a computer and the internet. Some people apparently make money with those two resources.

So I started blogging. Blogs make money by selling advertising - each time a person clicks on an ad on a blog, the owner gets a couple of cents.  I've got three blogs, and I'm well on my way to making my first dollar by the end of the year. This is not something that will get me independent, and it's not an alternative career. It's a hobby.

Some people seem to make money by signing up for those opinion poll companies - I'm signed up to a few of them, just in case. Again, there's no sign of making anything out of them.  I do better with the rewards programs for the shops I buy my groceries at - they have at least earned me gift cards I could buy more groceries with.

So blogging, opinion polls, etc - they're hobbies, things to fill in time. They're not things to do and expect to make money.

There are all sorts of "business opportunities" on the net - but I've found from looking at their ads that they often don't say what their business actually is up front. Maybe I'm a bit cynical - but I think that if you can't tell people upfront what you do, you must have something to hide.

The people who seem to make money from working at home are those with marketable skills. I know someone who set up a secretarial service, or "virtual office"; typing and data entry with information sent via internet or in the mail.

And me? Well, it's not an extra income source, but I've started doing more of my current job from home. Saving the energy I would use on that little bit of travelling might mean I can keep doing the job I have for longer, and I won't need to be looking for something else after all.

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