Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Two days in a row, I've woken up without pain. For many people, that probably doesn't sound like an achievement. When I told my son, he applauded appropriately because he knows I actually haven't had that happen for a very long time.

I'm getting ahead of myself, hoping I'm going into remission.

It's been about four to six weeks since my fish oil dose was increased to 10g per day, and that's about how long it's taken for previous changes in medication to show any effect. So what is probably happening is that the fish oil is starting to have the impact my specialist hoped it would. (The hope is that I can eventually cut down on some of my pain control drugs.)

But I could definitely get used to not being in pain. It makes everything else in life seem so much better! I feel like I can do more (but know I have to always do just that little bit less than I think I can).

So this leaves me wondering: how will I know when lupus is in remission, not just controlled by the drugs?

From everything I've read, it seems no-one really knows why lupus flares or why it goes into remission. There's no set time period for any flare-up of the disease (or for periods of remission). While it's flaring drugs can control the symptoms to a greater or lesser degree, but drugs don't cause lupus to go into remission.

So what do I do with my current situation? To start with, I enjoy my pain-free days! Then, if it lasts, I guess the next step is to start reducing those pain medicines the specialist wanted to be reduced (they can have long-term effects that aren't nice.) If it still lasts - who knows?

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