Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sneaky Supermarket!!!!

Well, now I've seen everything in sneaky marketing!

The standard advice for people losing weight is "shop around the outside of the supermarket" because that's where fresh produce, bread, milk, all the basic, healthy foods are. (I have to add in the health food isle for my gluten-free flour, etc and bread substitutes, but basically it holds true.) The same advice goes for people who need to save money - the fresh, healthy food, is usually the most cost-effective.

Not Any More!!!! 

The supermarkets are wise to us now!

I shopped at Woolworths at Indooroopilly (Brisbane) last week, and one whole outside wall was covered in shelves of confectionery! The healthy food was inside, and the junk out.

That quick run around the supermarket, just getting the essentials from the outer area, has become running the gauntlet of all the stuff that made us fat in the first place, so we can find the healthy things we need.

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