Sunday, 12 June 2011

Money matters

Another of those side issues that comes with chronic illness, is the issue of finances.

Dropping from full-time work to a pension (and now part-time work and part-pension) puts an interesting strain on the budget! 

If you're really needing to save money, check out . This site has a great set of hints and tips, and they have a free email newsletter if you're interested.  The same person has a book called Debt free, cashed up and laughing which has a lot of the same hints as the website, but in a form you can read more comfortably if you still like to hold actual paper!

I can personally recommend their home-made washing powder - it's cheap and it works. You do need to have a food processor to make it. (At the moment, I'm without a food processor as such, having killed the old one with my gluten-free bread dough.)

I'll add my favourite money-saving hints to this blog, under the "money" category.

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