Thursday, 30 June 2011

Looking for energy to burn - Weight Loss week 4

I gained weight this week.

Two things caused this to happen.

The first is that I didn't keep track of what I was eating. I simply counted on being able to tell when I'd had enough to eat. That fell down because of the second thing.

I was tired on a couple of days. When I'm tired, I have a very bad habit of eating, to try to give myself an energy boost. The only way to deal with the fatigue that comes from lupus is to stop everything and sleep. Eating extra can cause a tiny energy boost, but it leads to a crash further on. When there's things I absolutely have to do, or that I really want to do, I use food (or caffeine, or both) to give me that little bit longer before I run out of energy all together.

Some people with lupus have anorexia, either as a part of their condition or in response to their medications. (I'm on some of the medications that can cause anorexia - but also on medications that can cause weight gain.) There are times I wish I had anorexia as a symptom, but of course that would lead to a whole lot of other problems!

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