Sunday, 12 June 2011

Changing habits - weight loss week 2

OK - on second week of the weight loss program, and the task for the week is to keep an "awareness journal". That means instead of just tracking what I eat and how much, I'm also recording why I'm eating, whether I'm hungry or not - how full or otherwise I am after I've eaten. The idea is to show my habits, when I eat unnecessarily.
Actually, I already know. Like most other people, my binge danger time is afternoon and evening. I also have a "boredom" issue - not that I'm actually bored, but when I'm not working on a specific task, I tend to nibble. So I need to keep my "to do" list populated, so I always know what I'm doing next, and don't have to stop and think about it!
Last week I lost a kilo, so all good.

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