Sunday, 5 June 2011

Changing habits - weight loss week 1

I need to lose weight - it's important. I'm about 30kg heavier than I should be, and my arthritic joints just don't like carrying the excess.

Like everyone else, I know exactly how to lose weight: eat less, exercise more.

And like most other overweight people, I find it hard to translate what I know I ought to be doing into practice.

I've done Weight Watchers, and been successful - but both times I reached goal with WW, I maintained my weight until I got pregnant. 

This time around, I just don't have the energy to maintain that kind of self-control. I used to be able to do something just because I'd decided I was going to. (It's actually a basic part of my personality.) But so much has happened in my life, so much so totally out of my control, that I just don't have that kind of willpower any more.

If I can't manage to stick to a complete diet and exercise program, what can I do to deal with my weight problem? I think the big thing is to make long term changes, find a habit that has contributed to my weight gain, and try to change just that one habit for one that is healthier. When I'm confident that I've really got that happening well, I can go on to changing another habit.

So for my first weight loss goal, I've identified that one of my worst habits is bingeing from lunch to dinner time. My attempt to deal with that is to substitute a planned afternoon tea: I'm going to have a piece of fresh fruit and a serve of low-fat dairy food (yoghurt, hot chocolate made on skim milk, etc). I'm going to sit at a table, and make a point of enjoying my afternoon tea. The fruit will provide fibre and carbohydrate, the dairy food will provide protien, so in theory, this should help me to feel full (or at least not starving) and give me sufficient energy for the afternoon.

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